Peter Markley

Graphic Designer,


official website

Quadruple Planet

Quadruple Planet 2018

Niavai the Yalengem

Niavai the Yalengem 2018

Characters Poster

Characters Poster 2015

Cover Image

Cover Image 2015

Web Design


Eithalica 2018

flat, responsive

flat, responsive 2015

fixed-width, content-focused

fixed-width, content-focused 2010

Watch Me Draw

YouTube channel

Columbus Startup Weekend

May 2016

1ˢᵗ-place winner, Fender Defender

1ˢᵗ-place winner, Fender Defender



Brand Design

Eden's Acres

Eden's Acres 2016

The Rock Community Church Youth Group

The Rock Community Church Youth Group 2011

OSU Center for Applied Plant Sciences

OSU Center for Applied Plant Sciences 2014

“Election Arts” Photo Manipulation

Man edited into photo to hug Donald Trump (Your Face Here).
Strange boy edited into photo to replace girl being hugged by Bernie Sanders.
Man and Woman posing in edited photo of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Malex Minute

Episode 118

Episode 118 2008

Episode 141

Episode 141 2008

Episode 149

Episode 149 2009

Episode 163

Episode 163 2009

Episode 164

Episode 164 2009

Episode 173

Episode 173 2009

Episode 183

Episode 183 2009

The Flying Fit-it Shop

by Gabriel Markleyview on Amazon

Book Cover Design
Layout of Ciro's Ship
Map of Alaglo
Tiana Kicking Rillus
Ciro in the Clouds

The Adventures of Prince Larry

by Amy Nicole Taylorview on GoodReads

Book Cover Design
Prince Larry and the Abandoned Dog
Prince Larry and the Baseball Game
Prince Larry and the Game of Jacks


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Splicky House
Mission 01x21: Build a snowman.
Mission 01x47: Laser tag!
Mission 02x11: Celebrate Christmas! (Search-and-Find)
Mission 02x35: Build a sandcastle!
Mission 02x38: Make as many bubbles as possible!


Gourmet Chef

Gourmet Chef 2009


Chance 2009


Ending 2010


Mosquito 2010


Venice 2010


Party 2010


Fifi 2010