Peter Markley

Graphic Designer,

Contradictionary – Camels

Published Wed, January 5, 2011
Contradictionary – Camels
Writing/concept: Peter Markley, Alex Markley

Peter's Thoughts

Timby cannot be fully to blame for pricing his wares so high. Surely gasoline isn't the only commodity with newfound scarcity in the Middle East – or, judging by Timby's attire, is this actually in the West? One can't be too certain about Timby's fashion sense.

But of course that's only the little bow in a large ribbon with both ends loose. How did Nixy end up in the desert to begin with, and how or why does Timby make his getaway?

All we can really figure on is that Nixy would have been asking different questions had he known more about Timby's rig here.


“Must... get... water...

“Timby, I'll never make it without a camel. Please..."

“$2 million for a camel."

“But I left my wallet in my other pants.

“Come on, Timby- be a pal."

“Alright, amigo. Have a complimentary camel.

“Good luck!" KABOOM